Here's what Trey's advisers have to say about Jostens products and his services.

Thomas Butler, Centennial High School, Peoria, Arizona told us:

“Rather if it is big or small, trivial or urgent, Trey is incredibly helpful and prompt to help out. You can tell he genuinely cares and wants you and your staff to create the very best publication possible. Easy to get a hold of, Trey is always there to assist you. From working with students on camera use to lending a hand at distribution, he’s the best at what he does!”

Heather Hackett, Hamilton High School, Chandler, Arizona told us:

“Trey has been such a wonderful addition to the Arizona Jostens team.  He makes himself available day and night and no question goes unanswered.  If he doesn't know the answer he will find it for you ASAP.  His demeanor is very personable and friendly which helps when dealing with advisers, parents and students.  We appreciate everything he does for us.”

Michelle Coro, Desert Vista High School, Phoenix, AZ told us:

"Having a rep who has your back no matter what is so comforting! I trust that any challenge I face, any questions I have, or anytime I just need someone to understand my crazy world, Trey is there. His expertise in content, creativity and building lasting connections makes him truly valuable to me and my students."

Christopher Le, Liberty High School, Peoria, AZ told us:

“Trey is going to make you love being a yearbook adviser. His number one priority is making your yearbook journey as enjoyable as possible. Instead of just giving you stereotypical platitudes about him, let me tell you what he has done for me.

Arguably the most important thing to any adviser is the money aspect. Trey came in and looked at the budget with me. Together we set a goal for sustainable increase in revenue after years of downward trends. With his help and guidance, we hit our target and exceeded it and my program is more profitable than ever.

Trey sends weekly e-mails with tips and reminders. His knowledge of the yearbook/journalism landscape has allowed me to develop as an adviser. More significantly, it has allowed my students to grow in immeasurable ways. Their perspective and knowledge has grown far beyond the initial capability of my instruction.

He visits often and is a huge boon to the staff when he does. The kids love seeing him and picking his brain for new design ideas and shortcuts within the design program. Not only that, but he’ll bring samples of other yearbooks for us to dig through and harvest from.

He will show up anywhere, any time if he can. He even insisted being around on a day as stressful as distribution. He buckled down and distributed some books right alongside my kids for a while and took pictures to help them document their big day.

His availability is great. If I ever had a freak-out, I’d shoot him a text or call. He almost always answered and if he didn’t he got back to me quickly. More importantly, he’d always have a solution for me. Having a knowledgeable and helpful contact so easily accessible is the cure to adviser meltdowns.

Jostens is an outstanding company and the quality of material they provide is without competition. Trey is a representative that matches the quality of the brand. When you think of Jostens, you think of their excellent representation. I’m so glad this guy is my rep.”

Trey Locke of
Jostens Yearbooks

Phone: 614-325-3100

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